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News Communiqué I – Ms Cristina Ramos

6 April 2023

Dear CLINUVEL shareholders, supporters and friends,

Today CLINUVEL is proud to announce our second CLINUVEL Intriguing Personality, Cristina Ramos. Born in the Canary Islands, Ms Ramos is known for being the most awarded singer in talent shows around the world, and has been dubbed to have the best voice in the world by many of the television shows that she participated in.

Her incredible voice has won Spain’s Got Talent and La Voz in Mexico, while she has been recognised as one of the top five best artists in the history of America’s Got Talent: The Champions. Her combination of opera and rock singing styles, as well as her excellent staging has made her the protagonist of international events all over the world. Cristina has followed CLINUVEL’s story over time, and is now taking the step to share this with her global audience.

Lachlan Hay – Director of Global Operations, CLINUVEL

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