Photomedicine Foundation

The Photomedicine Foundation is a CLINUVEL initiative providing resources and support for communities severely affected by solar radiation & light sources. Delivering key leadership, knowledge sharing and access to effective treatments for photomedicine

Our Focus

We focus on reducing photo damage for the most severely affected communities. CLINUVEL prides itself on bringing groundbreaking therapies to small groups of patients with unmet medical needs. Now the company is taking its world-leading expertise directly to communities who cannot afford care or treatment. The Photomedicine Foundation has been set up to help those who are most affected by debilitating conditions related to the sun.

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Our Mission

The foundation’s mission is to support vulnerable patients at extreme risk of photodamage and skin cancer. The initiative will focus on two diseases: XP and albinism. XP is a rare inherited disease which inhibits the body’s ability to repair damaged DNA in skin cells. Albinism is a genetic pigmentation disorder characterised by partial or complete absence of melanin. This strips the patient of the skin’s natural barrier against the damaging effects of UV light, eventually causing skin cells to mutate into cancer cells. The foundation’s objective is to prevent malignant cancers, provide access to life-changing treatments, equip physicians with specialist knowledge and radically improve patients’ wellbeing.

Our Projects


Photoprotection for xeroderma pigmentosum and albinism Tanzania, Tunisia, Brazil & Saudi Arabia


Advanced training & support establish teledermatology clinics for rare photodermatoses


Global patient registries of photodermatoses

Our projects

CLINUVEL is running photoprotective programmes in partnership with clinics in America, Brazil, Europe, Tanzania, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia. In addition, the foundation is establishing accessible teledermatology clinics for these disorders and creating global patient registries. CLINUVEL will fund this foundation through Vallaurix, its subsidiary in Singapore. The company will also provide in-kind resourcing for projects, in addition to donating 5% of net profits from the sale of PhotoCosmetics products.

Our trustees

Furthermore, the foundation is appointing five trustees to oversee its activities, each of whom care deeply about the health of patients affected by UV and skin cancers. They are Michael Polansky, an entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley; Dr D Mavura of the Regional Dermatology Training Centre in Tanzania; Professor Marcus Maurer, Professor of Dermatology and Allergy and the executive Director of the Institute of Allergology at the Charité-Universitätsmedizin hospital in Berlin; Pamela Azouri, an entrepreneur and philanthropist; and Daniela Boutsen, an entrepreneur based in Monaco.

The foundation’s vital work will radically improve the lives of vulnerable patients with light-related conditions

Michael Polansky, trustee

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