The next generation of


This advanced cream is formulated for skin at higher risk of damage from harmful UV and HEV light, increased by environmental changes.

We share a vision of first providing strong protection over a longer time, to then preserving appearance and aesthetics.

Polychromatic solar Protection

The λ3 mark signals that CYACÊLLE goes beyond current SPF rated products. CYACÊLLE offers the next generation of skin protection, as you are exposed to atmospheric changes, natural events, and extreme conditions.

UV & HEV light

Life needs light, too little and too much ultimately causes deficiencies or damage. Balance is restored by filtering and controlling ultraviolet and high energy visible light that would affect your skin longer term. Advanced technologies and the understanding of your individual needs under extreme conditions, led to the exciting concept of CYACÊLLE.

What I cannot see

Character, drive and imperfections make me individual and attractive, in appreciating and preserving these traits I deserve longer term care.

Natural events, exposure to extreme reflective surfaces, living in airconditioned spaces require rethinking on how to sufficiently protect my skin.

I look for care and assistance before I can distinguish visible results. I need solutions with a longer horizon as the basis for maintaining my aesthetic features.

I accept photoageing as inevitable, however there is much I can do to slow down the process, and proudly show whom I am becoming.

I look for a continuous conversation with a team of professionals, who understand changing environments, and genuinely values me during the passing of time.

The Future

The debate on climate and environmental changes touches all aspects of my life, if not me directly then surely my children and theirs.

Who tries to understand my tomorrow, the future, and is prepared to use research and technology to solve my prospective problems, for the greater good of my loved ones?

I want to know that team, speak and gain confidence.


I am aware that CLINUVEL’s products have been tested among athletes, those who are immune suppressed, and who have previously suffered from photodamage and skin cancers.

I find myself often near reflective surfaces, such as water, snow, ice, at higher altitudes or operate in planes and deserts. Sometimes, I work and stay in airconditioned spaces, and am all too conscious of environmental changes affecting my skin.

I do understand the need for a next generation – λ3 – of solar protective products, CYACÊLLE must navigate me through these extreme conditions.

Longitudinal Care

Coming from a pharmaceutical background, CLINUVEL differentiates itself from others by its mission and its actions.

For decades, CLINUVEL has shown its longer term care for its partners, suppliers, patients, physicians and its own staff. Continuous dialogue and engagement with people leads to consistency, stability and ultimately confidence.

An essential goal is to put time, effort and energy towards solving problems generally not addressed. Our mission is much broader than developing and launching new products, we follow up, engage and establish a longitudinal connection with you.

There is a consistency you will see from our approach, first we look for efficacy and quality of our products, then a longer term translation to beauty, benefiting individual skin complexions.

CYACÊLLE is the first of four product lines which will assist your skin to weather extreme conditions. Our teams are set up to engage with you.

Your concern commands our care.