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News Communiqué III

Melbourne, Australia, 11 June 2024
  • ASX: CUV
  • Frankfurt Börse: UR9
  • Level 1: CLVLY

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About The CLINUVEL Group:

CLINUVEL is a public biopharmaceutical company whose pioneering melanocortin technology has revolutionised the field of photomedicine. Over the last 25 years, CLINUVEL’s work has furthered scientific knowledge, delivered breakthroughs in medical technology and transformed patients’ lives. The Company has developed and commercialised SCENESSE® (afamelanotide), the only approved treatment in the world for the prevention of phototoxicity in adult patients with EPP. The treatment was approved for use by the US FDA in 2019 and is also approved for commercial distribution in Europe, Israel and Australia. CLINUVEL is conducting clinical trials to assess the efficacy and safety of its melanocortin technology in treating severe disorders including xeroderma pigmentosum (XP), vitiligo and arterial ischemic stroke. In 2023 it announced its expansion into skincare with the introduction of its first PhotoCosmetic product CYACÊLLE, a polychromatic solar screen.

For more information visit www.clinuvel.com

Instagram: @clinuvel_pharmaceuticals, @clinuvelDNA
Twitter: @ClinuvelNews
Facebook: @Clinuvel

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