2023 Announcements Corporate Newsletter

News Communiqué I – Maestro Jaap van Zweden

10 March 2023

Dear CLINUVEL shareholders, supporters and friends,

As part of our CUVIP program, engaging intriguing personalities who have aligned themselves with our mission to give greater prominence to photodamage and skin cancer, we made the first step today.

It is a privilege to today introduce CLINUVEL’s first Intriguing Personality (CUVIP), world-renowned Maestro Jaap van Zweden. In a series of News Communiqués, performances and regular updates, Maestro van Zweden will share his experiences, observations, and make inextricable links between his artistic world and ours. His commitment to photodamage is a first common ground, however we are certain we will discover more in the course of time. We hope you enjoy this first edition.

Lachlan Hay – Director of Global Operations, CLINUVEL

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