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In memory of David Blake – London, 18 November 2021

Place of birth:
Gympie, Queensland
Date of birth:
March 1, 1962
Co-founder, editor Bioshares Ltd

Dear Sonya, Alethea and Mark, colleagues, friends

When present life passes, and separation appears inevitable, we swiftly switch to past being, thereby leaving no room for a future form.

For David, we are called to perpetuum. His presence will be felt for generations to come.

In our constellation, occasionally we detect a light so bright for outshining others, for energy so kinetic heating those he encounters, for thoughts so lucid enlightening us all.

David is so inquisitive, engaging and aspirational that he continuously leaves one wondering about oneself. Such a luminary simply radiates on.

When I sat down for coffee on the stairs of Collins Street no 1. in October 2005, he quizzed what had spurred me to join the CUV Board (at the time Epitan), and insinuated a return ticket to London would be the best course. Spiced with dry wit, during 2 decades David turned from sceptic to fervent believer of CLINUVEL’s cause. Once, as an individual had published a piece “Does CLINUVEL matter?”, David jumped on the phone urging our teams to continue the work, since quality of life mattered to society and surely to our medical communities. David is not one to quit, he is pensive, marches on amidst the most arid terrain, wildest bushes and inspiring environments, from the Mosel to Florence to Segovia. We tried to emanate professionally what David had passed on.

Quality of life is what David stands for, whether excelling as a French cook, an alert hiker to the Blue Lagoon, a warm family man, a cultured cavalier or studious editor to life sciences. David plays our music for decades to come from Fado to African rhythm, from Flamenco to Taiko drummers, his interest in arts and cultural expression surpasses most of ours in a lifetime.

Since 1998, David and Mark lead the life sciences in Asia-Pacific, stand tall above the rest, dwarf any other writing press domestically. Their professional views are unique, access to information unparalleled, assessments intransigent. When they put pen to paper information presented is fair, direct and uncensored, a force we all reckon with, a unit inseparable and a treasure for life science analytics.

Many of us have benefited from the value they have created, through their insights and critique, and therefore the industry is eternally indebted to David and Mark, and their beacon will continue to illuminate the path forward… hence, today we do not part, we just take on a different form of communication……… we continue what David and Mark initiated as forebears to all who will follow.

David is not missed, for that he leaves too much behind.

Our thoughts will remain with Sonya, Alethea and Mark.

Dear David, thank you for all in the past and more to come in the future.

Philippe Wolgen

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