2019 Announcements

Chair’s Address to the Annual General Meeting

Melbourne, Australia, 20 November 2019


Looking at the year in retrospect, I draw a balance on the overall resources it took to achieve one of the greatest successes in Australian pharmaceutical history. At a relatively low expense of under A$139 million, we arrived at a commercial product to serve the needs of EU and US patients. Whilst I try to temper my euphoria, the 8 October FDA approval of a new molecular entity (NME), a first-in-class therapy, is a rarity in the Asia Pacific region, and the world in general. It is also the most momentous achievement in CLINUVEL’s history. I am delighted to have been part of this as Chairman of a brilliant team and congratulate the entire CLINUVEL staff, the patients, the carers, the physicians and the long-standing shareholders.

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