2018 Announcements

CUV103 Singaporean Phase II vitiligo study results

19 December 2018


  • Phase II study in vitiligo, a treatment-resistant disease1
  • n=21, patients of Asian ethnicity, darker skin complexion
  • Pooled analysis of data collected on all patients who received SCENESSE® with NB-UVB (n=18)
  • Six doses of SCENESSE® subcutaneously administered monthly in combination with NB-UVB twice a week
  • Repigmentation therapy with SCENESSE® in combination with NB-UVB effective and safety profile maintained:

– Statistically significant increase in pigmentation on areas of vitiligo for total body, areas of head and neck (VASI, p<0.001 at Day 196), as well hands,       upper extremities, trunk and lower extremities (VASI, p<0.05 at Day 196), with exception of the feet
– Maintenance of pigmentation observed at Day 280, three months after the end of the treatment
– Combination therapy of SCENESSE® with NB-UVB well tolerated.

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