2018 Announcements

Managing Director AGM Presentation

21 November 2018

We have enjoyed the longest bull run in equities since the end of WWII, which started on 9 March 2009. In the wake of the surge of global market indices CLINUVEL has enjoyed an appreciation in enterprise value from A$8.64 on 11 November 2017 to A$20.98 on 9 November 2018; this provided CUV a market value of over A$1B on that day. Reaching the threshold of A$1B valuation is a momentous occasion not only for the Australian biopharmaceutical sector, but for all of us to pause and reflect on a trajectory which was deemed by most European hedge funds, journalists, analysts, scientists, brokers and regulators as impossible in 2005, given the long history of the Company and its lead drug afamelanotide.

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