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CLINUVEL Newsletter – February 2018

12 February 2018

We started this year with limitless optimism and energy, and I attribute this to a foundation of internal changes made over the past 16 months. Our fascinating journey is marred with frequent need to reflect on how to anticipate and respond to a ceaseless flow of changes in CLINUVEL’s clinical, regulatory and reimbursement ecosystems. Consequently, we were compelled to redefine our business objectives continuously, and therefore we posed the question what one would want the Group to be by 2020. On the 14 February our teams intend to adopt new guidelines, values and direction to achieve our objectives “CLINUVEL 2020” as explained during the recent AGM, and on 20 February we aim to unveil our new website. The new staged communication strategy aims to be fully implemented by 20 May, when we disclose our complementary product lines and new markets to be served.

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