2017 Announcements

CLINUVEL Newsletter – July 2017

10 July 2017

For those who have followed the Company over the years, the journey of our teams has most often been countercurrent to arrive at the present point. Rather than traversing along the fastest imaginable and plotted route to success, we have frequently been impelled to take tortuous avenues to achieve our objectives. I do not believe that dead reckoning is applicable to pharmaceutical innovators, and in building CLINUVEL to a long-term establishment we will need to navigate through a contorted path to ensure ongoing success. In this third periodical of 2017, the future will be laid down themed as “CLINUVEL 2020”. The Board of Directors had, for years, revisited the possibilities to grow the Group on offerings beyond SCENESSE® (afamelanotide 16mg).1 Today I have the pleasure of sharing with you some of the background, while the unveiling of the exact process will follow at a later stage. In any event we plan to erect a monolithic Australian architecture in which all stakeholders can take pride in years to come.

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