Strategic Update II - 12 April 2021

CLINUVEL today announced its second Strategic Update, focussing on the decision processes underlying choices to expand and grow the Group of companies. A main goal of CLINUVEL’s growth is to integrate skills and functions in-house within the Group. Explore the Strategic Update II in detail below or download a full PDF summary here.

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Targeted Technology Translation

CLINUVEL’s CEO, Dr. Philippe Wolgen, provides an update on the business, vision, objectives and strategy.

The vision has always been to establish a company that’s diversified, sustainable, and fully integrated, with all functions in-house


The corporate objective is to establish a globally sustainable group with a constellation of prescriptive and healthcare products derived from melanocortins, originated from associated pharmacological concepts and addressing populations who yet remain unserved.

CLINUVEL strives for vertical integration of all key functions to ensure operational and financial independence, and synergy within the Group of companies.

R&D: Clinical trials planned or underway in a number of disorders.
CLINUVEL to translate technologies for wider audiences.
2 billion individuals susceptible to accelerated photodamage.
Stroke is the 2nd most common cause of death worldwide.
CUV801 pilot study focusses on arterial ischaemic stroke (AIS).
SCENESSE® being evaluated for generalized vitiligo.
Work underway to finalise a clinical program for sixth indication.


Research & Development

CLINUVEL has focussed its R&D on melanocortins, associated hormones and peptides, polymers and technological expertise to
be applied for human use.

DNA repair Program

It is estimated that, globally, two billion individuals are susceptible to accelerated photodamage, leading to an increased risk of various forms of skin cancer.

Strategy and Planning: DNA Repair Program

CLINUVEL set out to provide evidence on the properties
of afamelanotide to photoprotect skin and
assist the repair of DNA damage.

CNS program - Arterial Ischaemic Stroke (AIS)

Scientific progress has demonstrated melanocortins as hormonal therapy to exert a positive effect on the central nervous system (CNS).

Further Clinical Use of Afamelanotide

SCENESSE® is being evaluated as the first systemically administered melanocortin for the pigment loss disorder, generalized vitiligo.

A Sixth Indication

The selection of a CLINUVEL-sponsored indication usually takes two to three years from identification to confirmation and acknowledgement by experts in the field.

Healthcare Solutions Division

Under the notion of Targeted Technology Translation (TTT), CLINUVEL aims to make technology, knowhow and expertise available for the greater benefit of broad populations.


The CBM Division is responsible for composing unique narratives and engaging in long-term dialogue with new audiences.

Manufacturing Division

The Manufacturing Division will focus on the manufacturing of innovative, controlled-release systemic and topical formulations.

Strategic Update II April 2021

CLINUVEL’s first Strategic Update, released on 29 October 2020, can be accessed here,
with an executive summary provided here.

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