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Healthcare Solutions

In August 2020, CLINUVEL announced it had opened a new facility for its subsidiary in Singapore, the Research, Development and Innovation Centre (VALLAURIX Laboratories). The dedicated VALLAURIX team are focused on delivering novel products, including over-the-counter (OTC) product lines and topical formulations. The development underway at VALLAURIX combines CLINUVEL’s unique understanding of melanocortins, associated hormones and peptides, polymers and specific knowhow and expertise with new insights, methodologies and experimental data.

Over nearly two decades of innovation in pharmaceuticals, CLINUVEL has established itself as a world leader in photomedicine, photobiology and the use of melanocortins, specific hormones for human medicinal use.

The Company is able to translate specific knowledge and technologies for the benefit of wider audiences. Under the notion of Targeted Technology Translation (TTT), CLINUVEL aims to make technologies, knowhow and expertise available for the greater benefit of broad populations, individuals at risk, and those who require preventive personal care.

In the form of OTC products, specific populations, segments of society will be selected to receive information on the portfolio of products. Specifically, those populations at risk of incurring photodamage, solar burns, DNA-damage of skin and those with a predisposition to developing skin cancer(s) are the aim of the Company’s frequent and targeted information and news flow.

A range of four product lines are in development and the first product line is in its manufacturing stage, whereby the emphasis of the first product line is given to photoprotection and DNA regeneration.

strategic update II
April 2021

CLINUVEL Strategic Update II April 2021

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