Branding &
Marketing Division

As part of its approach, CLINUVEL seeks to build knowledge and expertise in-house to support its research and development programs. In 2020 the Company announced the establishment of its Communications, Branding and Marketing (CBM) Division, which will service both CLINUVEL and, potentially, third parties.

The CBM Division will engage in a dialogue and provide information globally to new audiences.

The Company aims to develop and launch both prescription drugs and non-prescription “pharmaceumables” for wider audiences and is actively building teams and capacity to expand its reach.

In launching pharmaceumables originating from pharmaceutical product(s) and relevant to all future users, consistency is required in communicating to larger audiences. The consistency will be found in messages, approach, technology, healthcare solutions and in all broadcasts.

As CLINUVEL launches new products, the CBM Division is responsible for composing narratives and engaging in long-term dialogue with new audiences. The Company understands the need to differentiate itself to succeed in an increasingly digital B2C world.

Today the CBM Division is near complete with 80% of its personnel recruited, and it is planned to see all positions filled by Q3 2021.

strategic update II
April 2021

CLINUVEL Strategic Update April 2021

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