Snapshot Other common terms: VZV, chickenpox (varicella), shingles (herpes zoster) ICD-10 classification: B01, B02 Prevalence: Very common with up to 1,500:100,000 reported. Causes: Airborne transmission Symptoms: Incubation period (2 weeks): fever, general malaise, abdominal pain, headache. Followed by skin lesions; a rash which eventually crust and heal. Treatments/cures: No known cure. Treatment is generally avoided […]


Snapshot Other common terms: HPV, papillomavirus, warts (symptom) ICD-10 classification: B97.7 Prevalence: Very common; exact incidence of HPV is unknown. Causes: Direct contact. Symptoms: Warts Treatments/cures: A vaccine for certain strains of HPV has been developed in recent years. General warts are treated with a range of topical medications or minor surgery. Introduction Human Papilloma […]


Snapshot Other common terms: Cold sores, herpes, genital herpes, HSV ICD-10 classification: A60, >B00, P35.2 Prevalence: HSV1 56-76% of general population, HSV2 23-33% of general population Causes: Direct contact infection; genital herpes (HSV2) is a sexually transmitted infection (STI) Symptoms: Fluid-filled blisters on and around the site of infection. Treatments/cures: Cannot be cured. Treatment with […]