Snapshot Other common terms: SCC, SCC skin cancer, non-melanoma skin cancer, NMSC ICD-10 classification: C44 Prevalence: Second most common form of skin cancer. Causes: Chronic exposure of skin to UV radiation. Immunosuppression and certain medical conditions are known to dramatically increase the risk of SCC skin cancer Symptoms: Vary dramatically from patient to patient. May […]


Melanoma skin cancer Incidence The incidence of melanoma varies geographically. Australia has the highest incidence, with 1 in 25 people succumbing to the disease in their lifetime, compared to 1 in 5000 in the USA and European countries. Causes High peaks to sun exposure (eg. sunburn in childhood) and overall lifetime overexposure to ultraviolet radiation contributes substantially […]


Snapshot Other common terms: BCC, BCC skin cancer, non-melanoma skin cancer, NMSC ICD-10 classification: C44.0 Prevalence: 75% of all skin cancers are basal cell carcinomas. Much higher in fair skinned populations. 1600:100,000 in Australia, 40-80:100,000 in European countries, approx 300:100,000 in USA Causes: Chronic UV exposure light is believed to play a role, along with […]


Snapshot Other common terms: AK, Solar Keratosis, SK, senile keratosis ICD-10 classification: L57.0 Prevalence: Very common; approximately 50% of the global population. Higher in fair skinned populations. Causes: Chronic exposure to sunlight. Can be accelerated by immune suppression. Symptoms: Dry, rough or scaly lesions on skin generally 2-6mm in diameter. Can take on ‘horned’ look. […]