Snapshot Other common terms: UP ICD-10 classification: Q82.2 Prevalence: Rare, exact prevalence is unknown but it is more common in Caucasians Causes: Excess of inflammatory mast cells due to an unknown cause; mast cells trigger histamine in the affected area. Environmental factors may trigger symptoms. Symptoms: Swelling, itchiness and a rash on the skin. May […]


Snapshot Other common terms: AP, Hutchinson prurigo ICD-10 classification: Not defined, L55-59 Prevalence: Unknown. More common in Latin and Indigenous Americans Causes: Not well understood. Suggested that an immune-mediated response to UV light is responsible. Symptoms: Extremely itchy skin rash, red and inflamed bumps (papules), thickened patches (plaques) and/or lumps (nodules) following exposure of skin […]