Mothers’ Skin

The changes that occur in the skin during pregnancy are related to different aspects of the skin’s structure. We can group these into four types: changes in pigmentation (the colour of the skin); changes in the function of the skin’s glands; vascular changes (affecting the blood vessels beneath the skin); and changes in the connective […]


While the time after the birth of a new baby can be exciting and fulfilling, being a new parent can also be extremely stressful and tiring. Continually changing hormones, stress and a lack of sleep can all take their toll on your skin. Although it may be difficult to find the time when juggling life […]


Acne Occurs when the skin pores become clogged with excess sebum, dirt and dead skin cells. Bacterial infection can then lead to further inflammation of the skin and the eruption of pimples. While occasionally, pregnancy improves acne, more often it causes flares ups. This is because the high levels of hormones circulating throughout the body […]


For many mothers – particularly first time – breastfeeding can prove a challenge, not least in the way it affects your skin. Nipple dermatitis  Some studies have shown that as many as 96% of women experience nipple pain when they commence breast feeding. It often begins because the child is not latching on properly to […]


The skin is the largest organ of the human body. Expanding to around 20 square feet, it makes up approximately 16% of our bodyweight. The thickness of skin will vary depending on a person’s age, skin health and the particular site on their body. On average it is 1mm thick, with the thinnest skin on […]