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Parvysmelanotide (VLRX001) is an addition to the family of melanocortin analogues which provoke increased and prolonged cellular activity. It contains a specific peptide sequence, designed to make it less susceptible to degradation than physiologic (natural) alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone (α-MSH).

The VLRX001 development work was undertaken through CLINUVEL’s Singaporean subsidiary, VALLAURIX and has leveraged the knowledge gained from long term experience with the clinical use of SCENESSE®. Formulation work will focus on the development of VLRX001 for topical self-administration by patients. The transdermal product will initially be evaluated as adjuvant maintenance therapy in the depigmentation disorder vitiligo. Overall, the development of VLRX001 is part of CLINUVEL’s life cycle management of its portfolio of products to ensure long term use and value of its technology and assets. CLINUVEL will hold all rights to the final product and indications through VALLAURIX.