Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare Solutions

CLINUVEL’s journey started with a focus on the medicinal potential of melanocortins, including afamelanotide, our first-in-class pharmaceutical. We have introduced the concepts of medicinal photoprotection (protection from light) and systemic repigmentation, and are confirming the potential of melanocortins to provide DNA protection and repair of the skin.

DNA regeneration of skin damage caused by solar exposure is a topic which affects everyone. As people age, the DNA repair systems within their skin become less effective and the risk of skin cancer increases. With scientific progress and understanding of the role of afamelanotide and other melanocortin molecules, CLINUVEL is working on a range of non-prescription products, or pharmaceumables, which will use these molecules to prevent and restore DNA damage of the skin.The first product line to be released will offer polychromatic protection under extreme conditions, targeting populations at risk of High Energy Visible (HEV) light and solar damage. The second product line will provide DNA protection and repair of the skin in individuals at risk of solar damage and specific high‐risk populations.

Translating existing technology, these products will offer universal care and provide healthcare solutions to a wider audience. The launch of the first non-prescriptive, polychromatic protective is foreseen in 2022, from here on further product extensions are being prepared.

The translation of technology and knowhow from medicinal use to healthcare solutions stems from one of the core attributes of melanocortins lending themselves uniquely to universal care benefiting all.



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