The Science of Sunburn
  • January 5, 2010

UVindextodayIn Australia, Sunsmart and the state Cancer Councils work to educate and inform the public of the consequences of UV exposure and the protective and defensive measures that should be taken in order to avoid sunburn and to decrease the risk of skin cancer and melanoma developing later in life. An important part of changing behaviour in relation to UV exposure is to increase our understanding of the science of UV, sunburn and skin.

Comprehension of the changes skin undergoes when damaged by UV light and how UV impacts on skin (short and long term) serves as a reminder of the importance of sun protection. Understanding the physical processes and risks associated with damage makes the sun protection strategies and behaviour necessary relevant at this time of year in Australia. One only need look at today’s Australian UV forecast to understand the risks posed by the sun.

In a recent podcast for ABC radio in Brisbane, Associate Professor Dr Terry Piva discusses all of the issues relating to the science of sunburn and skin cancer necessary to have a safe, sunburn free summer, while still enjoying the benefits and opportunities that the season has to offer.

Click here to listen to the podcast from ABC Radio Brisbane.